Pet Vaccinations

At Carleton Place Veterinary Hospital, we believe that your pets should receive the very finest care.

Pet Vaccinations in Carleton Place, ON

We are aware of the strong link that exists between pets and their people, and it is our objective to offer top-notch veterinary care to keep your cherished animals healthy and happy.

Pet Vaccinations

Our Carleton Place Veterinary Hospital pet vaccination programs were created with your pet’s health in mind. In order to keep your pet healthy, we believe that prevention is essential. Our skilled veterinarians will design a vaccine schedule that is unique to your pet’s specific needs and are well-versed in the most recent advances in veterinary medicine.

In order to maintain your pet’s health and happiness, we place a strong emphasis on preventive treatment at Carleton Place Veterinary Hospital. By preventing the onset of crippling diseases, our pet vaccination programs help to give your pet a longer and happier life. We provide comprehensive preventative care to provide your pet the best chance for a healthy future, from routine vaccinations to specialist immunizations.