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This veterinary hospital has been like family to me for at least ten years. Dr. Ann McEwan is a rare blend of traditional veterinarian and classical homeopath with holistic views and the most respectful, attentive and sensitive consultation approach for both animal and human. The staff is kind, compassionate, competent and personal, and I am at peace knowing that they are available for any question or concern, Andy a phone call away, and now on their app! It’s a bit of a travel for me, but I choose my dog’s vet not by distance and convenience, but by competence and compassion. Highly recommended if you have the same criteria for your fur kid’s care.

Tana S.

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff! Our Lab, Willow, loves them all!! They are also very sympathetic and empathetic when dealing with tough times. They helped us through the loss of our 2 older girls when the time came and made that journey so much easier to go through. Service was personal and appreciated. Thanks.

Annette C.

I wish every pet owner had access to a vet like Ann McEwan. She took an hour with my dog and me, and takes such a holistic view on health - a desire and interest in addressing the root of the issue, rather than throwing drugs at it. Amazing. Thank you.

Natalie K.

Dr. Nunn is great. She's thorough and knowledgeable. One weekend when I couldn't find a single 24 hour vet at the Ottawa weekend clinics who would touch my poor rabbit, she came out to Carleton Place from her home in Kanata in the middle of the night, above and beyond the call of duty! The staff is also great. Every visit is pleasant. Jane Beall and Pat Wolfe

Pat W.

All the staff is wonderful. Their advice is honest and informative. They took excellent care of my dog when she needed surgery, explained everything and answered my many questions throughout the process. They also provided great support and guidance on making the best of my senior dog's last few months and were very kind when he passed away. Brisket and I are big fans!

Marie L.

For the entire life of our little Bichon Frisé, Tito, Dr. Ann McEwan was his sole veterinary care provider. Over those 16 years, Tito had come to know her and like her very much. She provided him with exceptional care and was like one of the family. In the later years of his life, she was in constant contact, providing recommendations to make his life more comfortable, up until the end. Even then, she provided emotional comfort over and above anything that was expected. I cannot recommend her more highly. They may not know it yet, but she is everything any pet owner will need and more.

Wendy B. and Tito

The wonderful techs and vets here have looked after my dogs for 20 years. I have a special place in my heart for Ann and for Jane, whom I've known the longest, but all the techs/vets are impressive, compassionate, patient and are truly invested in the animal's welfare.

Colleen G.

We are new to the Carleton Place area and we had the same Vets and Vet assistants for almost 10 years back in Calgary and they were out of this world and we loved everyone there. But l can honestly say that this place has the same vibe at our last Vet"s office and we know that our dog will be well taken care of and loved by everyone there!!!! Dr. Bruce, Jane and Jessica were outstanding caring and very welcoming...Can't wait to meet the rest of the team there!!!!!!???

Christina H.

Met with Dr. Bruce Wright for the first time. He was very sweet and gentle with my little rescue Maltese who is normally very nervous. He even brought in a soft blanket for her so she didn't have to stand on the cold metal table. I really appreciated how he put her feelings first. He was also very agreeable and open to how I see her care going forward. Easy to talk to....good visit.

Jill H.

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